Free Shipping is an effective online promotion to increase sales

Free Shipping

Free shipping is increasingly important for doing business online. For retailers, this is a difficult problem to solve,  as free shipping does not actually come free, of course. Here are some strategies to reduce the costs of offering free shipping, while staying competitive in your market. (more…)

5 reasons dropshipping may be right for you

When a customer places on order for a drop shipped product online, the retailer receives the order and payment for the order, and then either automatically or manually contacts the wholesaler or manufacturer, issuing a purchase order for the item and providing instructions for shipping directly to the customer. The wholesaler or manufacturer ships the product, and the retailer earns a profit. We call this dropshipping. (more…)

No final value or individual listing fees at

With a steady growing user base and readily available customer service, is an affordable alternative for selling merchandise. (more…)

eBay is the oldest and still most popular auction website

eBay is the oldest and still most popular auction website on the Internet. With multiple international websites, as well as the flagship US website, eBay is a familiar name around the world. (more…)

Dropship Lifestyle eCommerce Course

Dropship Lifestyle is an ecommerce course on how to start a profitable dropshipping business online. (more…)

Furniture Dropshipper’s List

Dropship Manufacturers List

Over 250 US based dropshipper suppliers and manufacturers who offer dropship business products to online websites. Over 250,000 products available. No club or membership fees required. All well known US products.